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Chosen by the NY Times as one of their top 20 international dramas of 2020. Created by Mark O'Rowe, and starring Mark Strong, Carice Van Houten and Daniel Mays

Based on the hit Norwegian series VALKYRIEN, TEMPLE is the story of Daniel Milton, a surgeon dealing with seemingly impossible choices when his wife develops a rare terminal illness. With a lonely, resourceful accomplice, Daniel establishes an illegal clinic hidden beneath Temple underground station where he begins treating off-grid patients. As Daniel tries to manage a dysfunctional team and his own rapidly unravelling life his moral boundaries are pushed to the limit as a doctor and a man. Tense, emotional, yet darkly humorous TEMPLE is about the choices we make and the lines we would cross for the ones we love.

Written by Mark O’Rowe
Directed by Luke Snellin, Shariff Korver and Lisa Siwe
Starring Mark Strong, Carice van Houten and Danny Mays

Broadcaster: Sky One
Distributor: Sky Vision
First broadcast: September 2019

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