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Honour follows the police investigation and the revelations about police failings in the run-up to the 'honour killing' of Banaz Mahmod

HONOUR is the powerful story of a female Police Officer's fight for justice for a young Iraqi Kurdish woman who was murdered at the hands of her family and failed by the British police. Detective Chief Inspector Caroline Goode discovered that a young Iraqi Kurdish woman Banaz Mahmod had been to the police five times to report threats to her life from members of her own family. Appalled that her own colleagues had missed multiple chances to save a young woman’s life and prevent a so-called “honour” killing, Caroline vowed that she would not rest until she finally got justice for Banaz. It was a promise that quickly became personally consuming. This tense and emotionally vivid drama brings Caroline’s long and unwavering quest to life.

Written by Gwyneth Hughes
Directed by Richard Laxton
Starring Keeley Hawes

Broadcaster: ITV
First broadcast: Autumn 2020

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